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Monday, December 5, 2016

El Tango de Muerte

Once in a great while we have a model who brings a costume or is otherwise willing to do something other than just sit there.  I drew this scene from a couple different angles, but this one was the most appealing in that one figure overlaps the other creating visual depth.  A composition where one figure is standing to one side of another figure is very static.  Even if they're fighting or dancing they still just look like two gate posts.  One figure partially in front of the other gives the image depth of field.  A sense of distance and motion.

Using the steps to simulate a dancing movement while actually sitting down was just brilliant.  The costume, the tango pose and the skeleton were all the model's idea.  She's a hard working imaginative and dedicated actress model and dancer.  I've drawn her doing more conventional nude life drawing sessions, but her poses are always far more challenging than average.  She even tied the skeleton's hand to her earring to keep him in position.

You don't have to draw what you see, you can use what you see to set up the drawing and then make whatever adjustments you want until you like it better.  The skeleton's leg position wasn't working for me so I reversed it.  I raised her left arm to a more active posture and gave her hair and earrings a flip to capture the sense of motion.

Then like so many of my sketches this one went into the closet with a promise to myself that someday I'd do a really cool painting with that.  This time though it actually happened.

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