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Thursday, December 8, 2016

El Tango de Muerte part 4

Here's a few process shots as we go through the painting.
First knocking in the darkest colors, not outlines just shaded areas these would not get much more detail than  what you see.  Also a thin wash in less shaded spots and in the background to separate the figures from the faux finish under-painting.

Now some mid tones and highlights mostly on the girl and her clothes.  The skeleton is virtually done except for some highlights at the end.

Dark greenish brown in the lower background and the shaded parts of her clothing.  This provides the bright colors with a tremendous amount of contrast so they really pop.

If I look unhappy here it's mostly because the sun was in my eyes, but also because my painting sold for a very low price.  However the couple who bought it liked it so well that they came over to me afterwards and gave me more money.  I was touched, but it was a little awkward.

This is the final.  Conditions for photography were less than ideal because of the bright sunlight and the wind and the hurry.  Obviously if I'd had more time I'd have done a lot more, but that's possibly not a good thing.  What do you think?  The roughness is appealing to me in a way.
Another layer to this painting is the fact that there is an entire genre of Tango Art out there and I did my best to adhere to the colors and styles of that tradition.

This is not a Through-the-Basement-Door kind of image, but it is autobiographical.  The older we get the more we seem to be flirting with death.  Leaning close and then stepping away, but never out of reach.  He can afford to be patient.

On another occasion entirely I painted this mural in the same Tango genre.  They all adhere to the same formula, guy in a suit woman in a red dress vague smoky background with undefined musicians, fiery orange and reds symbolizing passion I assume.  I think you can find this kind of image on velvet paintings if you look.
This one was painted frame and all on the cinder block wall of a dance school.  It's about 11 feet long.  Almost entirely done with latex house paints.

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