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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

El Tango de Muerte part 3

Here I am setting up for the Quick Draw competition.  It's a mean trick that cameras always play on me that makes it look like there's no one else around.  Main Street is actually barely two cars wide so all those folks who appear to be a thousand yards away are actually close enough to talk to.  By the time the event was underway there were a couple thousand people there.  

Once they said go I slapped the sketch up to the canvas and started tracing.

If it works this is a video of me tracing.  I like technology, but it doesn't always like me, sometimes it beats me up and calls me dirty names.  But hopefully We have a couple short video clips to share.

Pressure from the ballpoint pen makes a very fine line and doesn't give you much to work with especially on such a dark under-painting, but it does the job.

The wind kicked up and I had to hold onto the painting while I worked.

That's my lovely wife Stellar who's voice you hear and who's holding the camera.  She  couldn't film as much as we wanted because she had to hang on to the canvas so the wind didn't blow it away.  You could make sails out of that stuff!  Oh yeah, they've thought of that already haven't they?

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