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Friday, November 25, 2016

Two Tries at the Same Pose part 3

As I said before this was a fairly long pose so after rushing in and slapping down the rough sketch in Part 1, I got out a fresh sheet of paper and did a slower more careful drawing.  This is not a terribly challenging pose but just try doing this for 20 minutes or more and not drifting or adjusting your hip once it gets uncomfortable.  Models work Very hard.  He was a lean muscular dude, but I exaggerated his muscles here a little bit.  I can't remember at this point how much of this sketch I did in the classroom and how much I did later at home using reference photos and anatomy books.  I don't like grossly exaggerated muscles in fantasy art any more than I like the crazy huge swords and armor.

Again working at home on both versions of this sketch one right after the other I was able to learn from the first one and do a nicer job on the second.

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