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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two Tries at the Same Pose part 2

There are a number of things about modern fantasy art that don't impress me very much.  I admire the skill an awful lot, but I rarely like the actual art.  In particular I don't like the gigantic weapons, gigantic armor, gigantic monsters, gigantic everything.  That's not what fantasy is about, it's about the stories and the people in those stories.  If I had encountered that art when I was a young boy instead of Frazetta's art I probably would never have become as interested in the genre as I am.
Having worn real armor and fought with medieval weapons myself I have an appreciation for the devastating destructive power of sturdy lightweight blades.  I would far prefer to face an opponent wielding the heavy oversize ax in yesterday's sketch than the deadly efficient blade this guy has.

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