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Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Tries at the Same Pose part 1

There are rare occasions when we have a male model and he actually has muscles.  This was one such time and this pose with a broomstick over his shoulder like some kind of weapon was so much like the kind of thing I want to draw that I got in a big hurry to finish it.  As a result I drew this figure kind of sloppily and too large for the paper.  So I slowed down, got out a fresh sheet of paper and started over.  Now I have two completely different renditions of the same pose, both of which I worked on later at home.  Looking at things like muscle charts and body builder photos I exaggerated his muscles before creating a costume etc.

So this is the same drawing as above, but I shortened his legs so he's no so freakishly tall and using anatomy books I detailed his muscles.  This is actually reasonably close to what the model really looked like.  In the second version I beefed him up a bit more.

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