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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Murder of Lord Nestor

Using the photograph that I took as a reference I was able to finish the figure, but the stick she was holding didn't make any sense to me so I left it out.  This leaves us with these two hand postures to interpret in any way our imagination wishes to.  I considered having her holding an overhanging tree branch to steady herself as she wades into a pond on a sunny day for a little skinny dip.  With a slight change to her hands she could be dancing or holding a serving tray like a waitress at the diner.  We could have given her rollerskates.  The point is it's your drawing and your story and your imagination.  Take it where you want to go.

No one really knows who killed Lord Nestor, some say his wife, some say his mistress (as if there was only one) some say he stabbed himself, but where's the knife?  His enemies?  Too many to mention.  No one loved him but many feared him.  After a lifetime manipulating and being manipulated, all that is certain is there will be no tears at his funeral.

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