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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Productive Disillusionment

This is one of those drawings that I was very impressed with myself about back when I did it.  Especially the feet, feet are hard to do and I was all proud of those feet.
 Then I dug it out of the closet years later and said oh man that's terrible!  OK it's really not terrible it just isn't half as great as I thought it was.  Sometimes I've imagined that I'll just put this sketch away until I'm really good at oil painting and then I'll resurrect this one and rock the art world off of its foundations.
Yeah that's not happening.
One thing I do like about this sketch is the pose itself.   I like that a lot it has a soft mysterious feeling, but I really don't like the drawing anymore and because of that I can hardly mess it up.  So I feel comfortable going ahead and trying things that I'd have hesitated about if I was still enamored with it.  Sometimes it's liberating and healthy to get a little disillusioned.

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