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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Partially Bad Drawing

Wow I really don't draw men often enough, especially not muscular men.  Let's see what all is wrong with this drawing?  His right knee is awful and his right hand was originally resting on his thigh.  I didn't like it at all, but wish I'd photographed it before changing it.  I took a photo of my own hand on a sword as reference for this one, but the shoulder looks all wrong and the compression of his gut as he leans forward.  He was probably really sucking in his gut the whole time which contributes to the awkward appearance of it all.  He did have muscles and long hair though so that part was cool.  I like a lot of individual parts, but they seem to be assembled wrong.
I would draw male models more often given the choice, but I don't run the life drawing class I'm just a long time regular.

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