Fantasy Art

Friday, November 25, 2016

Two Tries at the Same Pose part 3

As I said before this was a fairly long pose so after rushing in and slapping down the rough sketch in Part 1, I got out a fresh sheet of paper and did a slower more careful drawing.  This is not a terribly challenging pose but just try doing this for 20 minutes or more and not drifting or adjusting your hip once it gets uncomfortable.  Models work Very hard.  He was a lean muscular dude, but I exaggerated his muscles here a little bit.  I can't remember at this point how much of this sketch I did in the classroom and how much I did later at home using reference photos and anatomy books.  I don't like grossly exaggerated muscles in fantasy art any more than I like the crazy huge swords and armor.

Again working at home on both versions of this sketch one right after the other I was able to learn from the first one and do a nicer job on the second.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two Tries at the Same Pose part 2

There are a number of things about modern fantasy art that don't impress me very much.  I admire the skill an awful lot, but I rarely like the actual art.  In particular I don't like the gigantic weapons, gigantic armor, gigantic monsters, gigantic everything.  That's not what fantasy is about, it's about the stories and the people in those stories.  If I had encountered that art when I was a young boy instead of Frazetta's art I probably would never have become as interested in the genre as I am.
Having worn real armor and fought with medieval weapons myself I have an appreciation for the devastating destructive power of sturdy lightweight blades.  I would far prefer to face an opponent wielding the heavy oversize ax in yesterday's sketch than the deadly efficient blade this guy has.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Tries at the Same Pose part 1

There are rare occasions when we have a male model and he actually has muscles.  This was one such time and this pose with a broomstick over his shoulder like some kind of weapon was so much like the kind of thing I want to draw that I got in a big hurry to finish it.  As a result I drew this figure kind of sloppily and too large for the paper.  So I slowed down, got out a fresh sheet of paper and started over.  Now I have two completely different renditions of the same pose, both of which I worked on later at home.  Looking at things like muscle charts and body builder photos I exaggerated his muscles before creating a costume etc.

So this is the same drawing as above, but I shortened his legs so he's no so freakishly tall and using anatomy books I detailed his muscles.  This is actually reasonably close to what the model really looked like.  In the second version I beefed him up a bit more.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Less Bad Drawing

Many times as you add clothing to the figure you start to lose a lot of the person's form.  They start to become the shape of folds and belts and seams.  Most of the time this makes me want to leave them naked, but in this case it was a good thing because I know I'd drawn his torso poorly so he looks better covered up.  I liked the sword I made before, but this one matches his hulking barbarian personality better.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Partially Bad Drawing

Wow I really don't draw men often enough, especially not muscular men.  Let's see what all is wrong with this drawing?  His right knee is awful and his right hand was originally resting on his thigh.  I didn't like it at all, but wish I'd photographed it before changing it.  I took a photo of my own hand on a sword as reference for this one, but the shoulder looks all wrong and the compression of his gut as he leans forward.  He was probably really sucking in his gut the whole time which contributes to the awkward appearance of it all.  He did have muscles and long hair though so that part was cool.  I like a lot of individual parts, but they seem to be assembled wrong.
I would draw male models more often given the choice, but I don't run the life drawing class I'm just a long time regular.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Murder of Lord Nestor

Using the photograph that I took as a reference I was able to finish the figure, but the stick she was holding didn't make any sense to me so I left it out.  This leaves us with these two hand postures to interpret in any way our imagination wishes to.  I considered having her holding an overhanging tree branch to steady herself as she wades into a pond on a sunny day for a little skinny dip.  With a slight change to her hands she could be dancing or holding a serving tray like a waitress at the diner.  We could have given her rollerskates.  The point is it's your drawing and your story and your imagination.  Take it where you want to go.

No one really knows who killed Lord Nestor, some say his wife, some say his mistress (as if there was only one) some say he stabbed himself, but where's the knife?  His enemies?  Too many to mention.  No one loved him but many feared him.  After a lifetime manipulating and being manipulated, all that is certain is there will be no tears at his funeral.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Props Tell a Story

This model is very fond of using sticks for props, but she doesn't seem to be acting out anything in particular.  The broomstick doesn't become a spear or paddle or garden rake, she just kind of leans on it or holds it awkwardly.  Still it makes for some variety from the models who avoid props altogether.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is draw the model, but not the stick and then the empty handed posture might remind you of something and suggest an entirely different action.  That's what I eventually did here
Fortunately I had a photo reference for this one.  I'm not allowed to share it with you, but I can use it to finish my drawing.

Monday, November 7, 2016

In the Moonlight

I came back and did the costume and background years after the initial sketch and no longer owned a sanguine colored pencil so I just used regular charcoal.  I could have Photoshopped it to where you can't tell the difference, but that's not the point.  One thing I like about these colors is the illusion of antiquity, like you're looking at one of da Vinci's sketches or something.
This is one of my favorites and will certainly be made into a painting.  I think I'll retain the color scheme when I do it.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Lovely Pose

I love this pose, it's beautiful and natural, sensuous and curvy.  Even though it's a fairly restful pose for the model it still has the appearance of movement like we've walked into the middle of a story.  The girl isn't staring fixedly into space, she's in mid-motion, turning to look at something, ready to stand up.  To do what?  To embrace a lover?  To fight with an enemy?  To run for her life?  To witness a spectacle?  We don't know, that's the beauty of it, but we get the sense that something is taking place even if the image itself is undramatic.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Moon Made

This girl was actually not on the moon when I drew her, she was in Gilbert, which is a lot different.  But I was recently invited to dinner at the house of Bickman Shaw who has an extensive art collection.  In the dining room was an oil painting of a moon maiden wearing an outfit somewhat like this.
He let me make some sketches because he fancies himself a patron of the arts even though he's never bought anything of mine.
At any rate I feel a little more confident in the accuracy of the gun and holster arrangement in this sketch than I do in the previous sketch which I completely made up.
Of course it's possible this artist made it up as well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Productive Disillusionment

This is one of those drawings that I was very impressed with myself about back when I did it.  Especially the feet, feet are hard to do and I was all proud of those feet.
 Then I dug it out of the closet years later and said oh man that's terrible!  OK it's really not terrible it just isn't half as great as I thought it was.  Sometimes I've imagined that I'll just put this sketch away until I'm really good at oil painting and then I'll resurrect this one and rock the art world off of its foundations.
Yeah that's not happening.
One thing I do like about this sketch is the pose itself.   I like that a lot it has a soft mysterious feeling, but I really don't like the drawing anymore and because of that I can hardly mess it up.  So I feel comfortable going ahead and trying things that I'd have hesitated about if I was still enamored with it.  Sometimes it's liberating and healthy to get a little disillusioned.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Amazon Women on the Moon

Well this is as far as I've gotten on this drawing.  I kind of like it, but there are a few things I've done terribly wrong.  The saber just looks like any old rapier and the gun is all wrong.  Of course she wasn't wearing either of them at the time so I'm making it up from my memory of a different visit.  Also the architecture is very distinctive on Kath.  I'll have to do some studies the next time I go, I'm just always caught up in my excitement for drawing people that sometimes the location gets forgotten.  If it wasn't for the moon goblin there would be nothing to tell you where this was.