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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Friend

This started as a loose scribbly sketch with no real intention or plan. It wasn't intended to be a robot at first just a human figure but something about it looked robotic so I rolled with that. Then when I did the mouth shape he had this huge surprised grin so I asked myself what could make a robot so happy? What makes Me happy? Well finding a little frog, obviously.

This painting has in some ways been one of my most successful ones since I've sold a bunch of prints and bookmarks.
But in another way it has been a failure because so many people interpret this as a giant robot despite the frog and the cattails.  It's probably because of the low angle

I gave the original to my brother because he likes robots.
My brother has a story about a robot...

I've had the strangest reactions from people about this picture.  Most people think it's cute, but some say "why is he killing that frog?"  One lady said it was the saddest picture she'd ever seen.  I asked why and she said "Because the little boy doesn't get to be a person anymore he's just a robot."
People see things in accordance with their own expectations or beliefs.  Fantasy fans like myself think of robots as happy sidekicks like the droids in Star Wars, but to non fantasy fans the idea of a robot often evokes a person who has lost their soul or humanity or personality.  A person who has become a mindless machine or who is trapped in a mechanical routine existence.
I don't quite know what to do with this knowledge, but it will probably be important to a guy who is selling fantasy and science fiction art in the fine art market.

So tell me what you think, does he look cute, or sad or gigantic or frogicidal?

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