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Monday, October 31, 2016

Moon Model

It"s funny that having changed this drawing so much it's actually looking more like the model than it did before.  not that that's very important to me.  By the time I'm completely finished with a detailed drawing or painting I've changed the face and hair entirely.
I've decided to give her one of the straight-bladed moon sabers that they use even though she didn't actually have one in this pose.  I've never actually seen one up close so this drawing is somewhat inaccurate. I'm told they glow like lightening and can cut through solid stone and that the blade can kill you just by touching you.  I kind of doubt all that, but I do get the impression that if I pressed the question I might find out first hand.  Moon folk are secretive about their technology.

Then I gave her some nicer hair.  Starting to like this drawing now, I'd been prepared to throw it out at first because it just looked so unflattering.  It's always worth the effort to see if you can salvage a piece.

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