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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

John Carter and the Castro District of Mars

 I had read the John Carter of Mars books when I was was thirteen and only vaguely remembered them later so I decided to re-read them recently.
 Here's a couple thoughts.
1.  Women in these stories exist only to be kidnapped by bad guys.
2.  Kidnappings only exist in these stories to give the hero a reason to be wandering around discovering strange new places and killing strange new people.
3.  No one is ever fat.
4.  While no one wears clothes as such they do all wear "harness", but "harness" is never really described.  There are descriptives such as "plain, decorated, gem encrusted".  They're made of leather with buckles and medallions that clank as people walk and they sometimes have pouches or hidden daggers, but it's not really spelled out what they look like.
So I thought to myself, in the almost childlike way that I occasionally approach my life, "I wonder if there are photos of naked men wearing leather harness on the internet. it so happens there are...a LOT of them!   I freely admit that I've referenced those pictures a number of times when designing costumes. Which brings us back around to yesterday's discussion of the Castro district in San Francisco.

So I drew a flying taxi like you'd encounter in a place like Barsoom and I often think of this drawing as John Carter and the Castro District of Mars.

Of course this isn't really John Carter or Mars or even San Francisco, those are all fictitious.  This is just  Ned the Barbarian hailing a flying boat from the Moons of Kath Ohdray.

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