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Friday, October 28, 2016

Expert Help

Yesterday I was expressing my dissatisfaction (some people call it whining) with the model's pose.  I don't like the way she hunched her shoulders so I erased her arms as best I could and tried to think of a different posture to put them in.  This simple and obvious decision baffles some artists who feel as though they are stuck with whatever is in front of them like it or not.  They are sometimes surprised by my decision to just omit something if it doesn't look good from my point of view. 
 I'm surprised by their surprise.   Apparently there is more  to imagination than the ability to add things to a drawing, it also requires imagination to leave things out.

I was so indecisive about what to do with her arms that I called in an expert to advise me.  This is Mischief the cat who has been my assistant and moral support for 14 years.  She assured me that when in doubt scritches behind the ears are always appropriate.  Sort of obvious when you think about it.
It tears me up a little bit to post this because Missy died a week ago today and I still can't stand it.
 In my solitary little studio world she was my best friend.
I have other cats of course, I am an artist after all, but I hardly know what to do without her, she was one in a million. I don't actually have a million cats despite what some people will tell you.

In addition to finding a more pleasing and narrative position for her arms I'm also re-establishing her hips and thighs.  The model has a lovely body but some postures flatten out a girl's curves which is just sad.  But when you are drawing, it's your drawing, you are always free to enhance it anyway you see fit.  This is possibly one of the reasons I hate doing portraits because there's no room for imagination.
I also erased her hair while I decide what to do with that.   Most of the erasing was done with a paper towel.  One has to be careful not to scrub too hard or the drawing paper will become smoothed down and the charcoal won't adhere like it should.

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