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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Creating Contrast

Adding paint to the background, I've done virtually nothing to the figure, but she is looking completely different now due to the change in contrast.  It was a challenge to make the background very similar in color to the robot, but maintain enough contrast for her to stand out.  I kept the back wall a neutral gray while the floor could be a cool blue which contrasts well with the warm colors along her bottom.  The sign painter in me jumped on that as a solution to the problem of contrast, but it creates a different problem.  If the floor is blue then the reflected light below her should be blue too which would dilute the illusion of chrome.  She'd just look like a shiny blue robot.  In truth a chrome object in an all blue room would just be blue.  It would still look reflective because of all the intense black and white reflections, but there'd be no warm browns to provide the visual shorthand that this is a chrome thing.
We see them all the time, hubcaps, bumpers, door handles, we know what it looks like; blue sky, brown dirt, black reflections, white highlights.  I used to airbrush chrome lettering all the time back when that was popular and it was an easy formula to follow, but it may not work here.  I'll go back and forth on this during the painting process.

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