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Friday, October 21, 2016

Bot and Souled

Almost finished here but I've started to lose the strength of contrast that I had initially so I'm just going to go back and darken the dark areas and drop in some even brighter highlights.  The previous coats of paint are almost completely dry at this stage so I can add a clear dark gray glaze over a light area without picking up white paint into my brush and dulling down the glaze.

In addition to darkening the shadow areas I drop a shadow onto the floor beneath her and add just enough brown to the floor to justify the brown colored reflected lights on the robot without actually making the floor look like wood or dirt.  A little rusty maybe.  When everything else is done I finally paint the wires coming off of her head.  If I'd done them earlier I'd have to paint around them and that'd be a big pain.

"Bot and Souled"
Oil paint on wood panel.
I gave this one to my brother who really likes robots.

My brother has a great story about a robot, he could tell it better than I can.
When we were small (he's 4 years older than I am so I'd have been very small) we lived in a town called Newport Vermont.  Somewhere close by, but not really close, was a construction company with a bunch of old trucks and other useless junk rusting out in the back yard.  My brother Ken who was always a scientist, explorer and master spy discovered an old electric motor of  some kind lying on the seat of some broken down truck.  Well they weren't using it for anything so Ken decided to carry it home and build a robot out of it as kids do.
Carrying this heavy sucker all the way back to the house was a monumental task for such a small boy, but his enthusiasm for the realization of his dreams lightened his load.  After all once he was the master of a robotic army he'd never have to carry anything again.  Mom and Dad would be so proud.
  Well it turns out that our father has different ideas about the legality of walking off with other people's belongings just because you think they don't need it and the prospect of a robotic servant to do all of our chores in the future did nothing to sway his scruples.
So Dad made the poor exhausted lad carry the thing all the way back to where he found it and apologize to the owner.  
It was a lesson to us all.  Dad remains as morally inflexible as he ever was and Ken has never built a robot servant out of stolen parts again.

The End

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