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Friday, September 23, 2016

Why do Models Model?

If you're wondering whether she could possibly be proportioned like that the answer is no, I scaled her breasts down quite a bit, they just looked unbelievable if you drew them right.
I have great admiration for her, she had lost something like two hundred pounds and was modeling
as a sort of reward to herself for her accomplishment.

It's fascinating how many reasons a person can have for doing what they do.  Some models just need the money others refuse payment.  Some are conquering a fear while others have no fear so it's an easy job for them.  Some are artists who want to experience both sides of the process, others are failed artists who still want to make an artistic contribution.  Some are exhibitionists, one that I know of went on to make porno movies.  Some did it in secret and their family never knew.  Others have had mothers, sisters or boyfriends who also posed for us after being told about it. Some only model once and scratch it off of the bucket list, others make a career out of it.
Modeling, like painting, serves a different need for every person who takes it up.

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