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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hey What's That Sign Painter Doing In Here?

I said yesterday that it was as if another person had taken control of the drawing and finished it for me and this is actually pretty much the case.
I've mentioned several times on this blog that my art owes more to sign painting than to any other influence.  People often give me an odd look when I say things like this and put it down to one of those crazy things that crazy artists say.  But it really is as if I have two artists in my brain; the fantasy artist and the sign painter.  And my fantasy art suffers whenever I fail to allow the sign painter to take the lead.
I spent over 20 years of my life painting these things.  Colorful lettering on a window with a panel behind the main lettering in a contrasting color and smaller text in separate panels shaped like circles, ovals or banners.
 (Squares are generally too static unless you have an irregular shape breaking out of the square.)
  I may have done as many as ten thousand of these in my twenty year career, and most of them had a similar layout.  After a while it becomes instinctual which was an asset because you never find yourself standing there wondering what to do, you just start painting.   It was a formula which you could use on most jobs.  Which is the only way to get along in that business because it didn't pay a lot so you had to make your money in volume which means you have to move very fast.

I had gotten hung up on this drawing because the fantasy artist wasn't sure what to do.
Then I suddenly surged forward with it because the sign painter shoved the fantasy artist out of the way and finished the sketch out of sheer instinct and habit.  I wasn't even aware of what was happening until it was over.

For another example of this see Goblin Queen

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