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Monday, September 12, 2016

The Function of Clothing

I love clothes I think clothes are wonderful, they bring such a sense of individual character and culture to  a just makes me sad when they go covering up a girl's naked bits.  We need clothes that don't do that.

I may be a little bothersome for a while about Patreon.
 I'm incredibly grateful for the support I've had so far, I crossed a couple milestones already which was completely unexpected.  But I really do need the help to make this thing I'm doing continue to work.  As a sign painter I had a lot of clients who were regular customers and kept me busy nearly all of the time.   Plus the work I did brought in new customers so it was kind of self perpetuating.   What I'm doing now has none of that yet.
 I don't really want clients per se now because they'd want to hire me to do some other kind of art rather than what I'm doing.  I'm working on a specific project that takes all of my time and should take all of my time.  Now and then I produce a finished painting which sells, but it's a slow thing to get rolling especially since what I'm doing is so undefined at the moment.  It's more clearly defined in my mind, but I'm sure it's a little hazy to anyone else.
I'll need a volume of finished work to show before people can see exactly what's going on here.

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