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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Short Sketch

This was probably a ten minute sketch.  you see the broad blurry lines made by my vine charcoal sticks.  They are very soft and the lines can easily be reinforced with a harder pencil or wiped away as you go along.  If you do that it just adds to the toning of the paper which is desirable as well because you can now draw with an eraser for lighter details.  There was a lot of drawing , wiping off and re-drawing even with such a short time limit.

I thought I had finally come to an agreement with myself about running a Patreon site.

I wanted to run mine as a sort of print of the month club. Each month I'd make a painting for patrons only and make prints of that painting to give out as pledge levels. Postcards, small prints larger prints and t-shirts plus a shot at buying the original. All of these items could be added to a sort of catalog and each pledge level would come with a percentage discount on anything in the catalog. In this way everyone gets something of real value, no charity involved.

It's Brilliant!

It won't work.

There are minimum amounts that one can have printed at a time so at first my costs will almost certainly exceed my pledges. When you're starting at zero that's not feasible.
And if I have even one contributor I'm committed to keep doing it.

In theory it will grow over time, but I can't afford the start-up. Ironically you need to already have starting capitol to pay for trying to raise starting capitol.

So for now Patreon is off the table. 

Color me depressed.

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