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Friday, September 9, 2016


So do you like what I'm doing on this blog?  Do you want to see me continue?
Well I'm having fun and will do as much as I can, but you can help.
Yesterday I was ready to forget the whole idea of Patreon, but some friends talked me into launching a scaled back version of my original plan.
Basically I will still choose a sketch like the ones I've shared here and I will carry that sketch through to a completed oil painting every month.  Patrons will be able to see the step by steps and videos as we go and will have the option to buy the painting when it's done.  No one else will see this content.

I will continue to share my regular material here and on Facebook, but will hopefully be able to afford art supplies, hire models and not have to go get a day job to stay alive.  So the more patrons I get the more reliable my blog posts will be.

So have a look HERE if you like.

No pressure, I appreciate your being here either way.

This model allowed photographs so I was able to work on this one a little bit at home.  Unfortunately my little camera is not the best nor are my photography skills, so I often find that my photos are too blurry to be that much good. 
I'm actually a somewhat clumsy person, my hands shake and I'm not very precise with fine detail. That's why I like to work so big it's easier for me to see and to hit my target.
Still I'm starting to like this drawing very much.

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