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Friday, September 30, 2016

Outside the City

Knowing my predisposition for putting backgrounds and other characters into the images you'd think I'd learn to draw a little smaller to leave room for that.  But I'm comfortable drawing large.  It comes from years of mural painting I suppose.  So I tend to fill the page when doing a life drawing sketch which leaves very little space for anything else.
On the other hand if I decide to do a painting I usually feel that the original drawing is, too small and wish I could enlarge it.  Sometimes I do enlarge it by taking a photo, putting it on a jump drive and taking that to Staples who has a large xerox machine that has a 36 inch wide roll of paper feeding into it.  So you can make copies 3 feet by however long you want.  Usually a 3 foot by 3 foot print costs me around $5.00.  I take that paper and rub charcoal on the back, lay it on the canvas and trace the drawing with a ballpoint pen which has the effect of transferring the drawing to the canvas.  Of course this process would also work if you want the image smaller or to combine two drawings into one image by photoshopping them together.  This would be a more high tech way of doing what you saw me do in "The Goblin Queen."  If I don't feel any need to change the size then I generally just use the the original sketch and trace on that which ruins it of course, but it's the image I want to preserve not the sheet of paper it's on.

None of which I've actually done with this drawing it's just on my mind because of the weird crowding of the figure onto the paper.  I was left with an odd empty space in the lower portion that I just have to put something in.

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