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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's a Shame I Can't Write

I really liked this model, she was good at pantomiming actions.
5 minute pose.

When I first began doing this I figured "Well I'm just going to throw the old drawings away anyhow, who cares if I mess them up with costumes and stuff?"  Now I see these drawings as my most valuable possessions, if the house was on fire this is what I'd save.  
I've done a pile of accidental world building since this started.  As time goes by I began to see in my mind where these various people came from and what the countryside is like where they live.  It's a shame I can't write, there are a thousand stories to be told here.  
Who knows where all of this is going?  It is surely going somewhere.
Perhaps authors could write stories in this world as a sort of shared universe similar to the "Thieves World" books.
Perhaps someone could make a role playing game in this world?
A toy line?
A costume shop based on my drawings.  (oh how I'd love to see that)
I'm already making coloring books plus the original art, prints and bookmarks, but there's potential for so much more and I know that eventually much more will happen.
I hope you'll keep joining me for the journey.

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