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Monday, September 5, 2016

Feeling Like a Horse's Ass

I once posted this sketch on Facebook.  It's from a photo of a real guy shooting a bow.
I was chastised by all my archery buff fans who said his form was completely wrong and he'd never hit anything like that.
Actually I've seen him shoot and he's fairly good.  Perhaps he'd be better if he corrected his form, but he hit his target reasonably well.   Probably self taught.  It occurred to me that in medieval times most people would not be trained to perfect Olympic form, they'd just learn on their own or from some other non-expert and do their best.
It might be interesting to read stories about characters who were not expert swordsmen or expert marksmen people who missed as often as not and have to deal with the consequences of that.
You know; real people.

Nevertheless this kind of criticism can make me feel like a horse's ass.

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