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Monday, August 8, 2016

What's Underneath

What's Underneath

Even if a model is dressed it's best to draw them roughly as though they are nude at first.   Get the proportions in, all the big shapes and the shadows, then pay attention to the small details like clothing.   Because that's all clothing is is small details.  There's no difference between a bare leg and a leg wearing pants except a few creases and a seam.  You can draw a form and then add fabric to it, but you can't draw a piece of fabric and then add form to it.  Form is at the beginning.

It's like the graphic designer who is told by his clueless boss "here's this thing we made.  Now throw some creativity on it before it goes out the door."  If the project wasn't creative from the outset then it can't be made creative at the end.

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