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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What to Draw when there's Nothing to Draw

Sometimes when I want to draw I have no ides about what to draw.  Nothing comes to mind at all, so you know what I do then?  I draw.  Anything, anything at all just get the pencil moving.  These moments often begin with making a frame around the edge of the page or just doodling in little spiral patterns.  I have hundreds of them and harbor no fear but what I'll put them to use some day.

Such doodling led to this painting.
You see three layers of spirals in this painting.  Spirals carved into the stone, the red spirals partially contained inside the frame and partially escaping it.  And her hair and feathers twirling in front of those.

Temple Dancer
Oil Paint on Plywood 
48 inches by 24 inches
I have an aunt who was trained as a temple dancer in Thailand when she was small.  She gave me little figurines of dancers in exotic costumes which fired my imagination and sent me studying the ancient history of that region mostly looking for art and costumes.  While this costume is my own invention it somewhat evokes the style.

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