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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Glam Pose

This pose has many things to recommend it.  It's a pretty straight up pose that's useful to the beginner who's still learning proportions and doesn't want to wrestle with complex foreshortening or confusing angles etc.  This model is probably the prettiest girl I've ever met and she has a terrific body which is shown to full advantage here so it's nice to look at.
On the other hand it's a little glam-shot for my tastes.  It looks a lot like a swimsuit catalog pose which there's certainly nothing wrong with but such things are readily available for free so why would you pay a model to do it?
On the other, other hand, I'm the only one in the classroom who wants to take these drawings home and make fantasy art out of them, everyone is there for their own reasons and I have to respect that.  ,,,so I'm told.

3 minute gesture sketch

I am a lucky man to have such a pretty model willing who's to be photographed so I was able to continue working on this at home.  Same sheet of paper just a lot of refining of the sketch.
 I know people who could do this on expensive paper and take it to an almost photographic level of finish.   Could I?   I really don't know, I've never had any desire to try.  I'd either like to fix it to the point that it's ready to be a painting or just play with it like a paper doll and design a costume for her.  Like I say we all have different goals there.

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