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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Other Reference Photos

Sometimes it's fun to draw or paint from a different source such as an old movie still or some photo off of the internet.
The goal in this case is not to copy that image because the world is full of "Fan Art" that copies stuff. The goal is to use that image to springboard off of and ultimately create something entirely new.
I don't know what movie this is from, if you know please comment on it and I'll credit it here.

 I'd like to show you the original pencil sketch from this, but I seem to have lost it.
I'm not really careful about keeping my sketches in good condition, it's the painting I care about.
I was still in the middle of that period I've spoken of before where I was transitioning from a sign painter to a fantasy artist.
This painting has a lot of bright color, a border and abstract shapes in the background.  Many people said it was pretty, but it just wasn't doing it for me, I was starting to demand more realism from myself.
This is all water based house paint up to this point.

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