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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bad Dwaggon!

Deepen the dark areas behind the figures and add a lot of brightness to the highlights and she's all done.

Bad Dwaggon!
Oil Paint on recycled panel 24" X 30"

 One of the more gratifying things about this picture is that I was able to re-use the entire image as a page in my coloring book.  Although I did give the elf girl a little more clothing.
I also offered the original painting as a pledge level during my Kickstarter campaign.  When the guy bought that particular level I found out that he lived in Phoenix but didn't have a car, he rides the bus to work and had no means of coming to get his painting  No problems, I packed the painting in the car, and picked him up after work and drove him and his artwork home.
This kind of thing helps me worry a lot less about failures such as contests which I have no reason to be entering in the first place.

You can find all six Gilead's Goblins Coloring Books HERE

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