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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Kiss

Another dresser top that I used for a canvas a couple years ago while I was emerging from my sign painter past and searching for whatever was ahead.   You can especially tell because of the abstract, spirally hair.  

I had given myself permission to go right ahead and paint anything that occurred to me, no rules.
If no one buys it then it was still good practice.
"The Kiss"  36 inches by 18 inches, oil paint on wood panel.   
Fear holds us back from so many of the cool things we could do.  I was afraid for decades to take a life drawing class, but when I finally did it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done for my art, my career and my social life..  Because of a religion I no longer believe in I was afraid to draw pictures like this one for fear of what people would think.  But do you know what they thought of me back then when I was being considerate of what they might be thinking?  They thought I was wasting my life not doing anything worthwhile with my artistic talents.
They were right.
 I was right too, My world is full of people who would have been scandalized by this painting.  But if they ever even see it they'll get over it and nothing will change.
All the judgmental people in my life who's judgment I was afraid of and avoiding?  They were judging me the whole time anyways so what good did it do me to suppress my artistic impulses to try and please them?

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