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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Art supplies...Like House Paint

The beauty of Indian ink is that it's water soluble when wet, permanent when dry and doesn't bleed through your paint.  Never never use markers that don't say Indian ink on them.  Magic marker ink would bleed through a stone wall given enough time... OK they haven't existed for enough time, but stick around another thousand years, you'll see.  It would just be a big blurry stain when it bleeds through... trust me you just don't want to do that.
I've changed my mind about a number of things here in the inking stage which would be a disaster in an ink illustration, but I'm going to paint over this so it's no problem at all.
The base color for this board was an off white of some kind.  Probably from the discount rack at Home Depot.  I usually begin my paintings with flat finish acrylic house paint.  It's cheap and durable and can create many of the effects you want in your painting.

So now all of the mistakes are painted back out with white house paint.
The lizard's feet are placed where they make sense and stray confusing lines are erased.
Originally the model was in a deep lunge on level ground, but somehow here he looks like he's climbing a little bit so I changed the floor to accommodate that.
I don't remember what the deal was with that grey smudge on the left.  Perhaps some ancient-world hooligan has been writing on the opposite side of the wall with a magic marker.

Don't expect people to agree with you.  More importantly, don't feel like you need them to.
You deserve to live the life that you want to live, the one you are excited about.
When you follow your own path it will look like the wrong way to most people because it isn't their chosen path.  They will try to help you, to guide you back on the "right" track.   But their "right path" is only right for them, it's probably wrong for you. Don’t let their expectations lead you down their path.
I have people trying to help me get illustration work or to advise me on how apply my time and talents.  But they don't have the same vision I have or the same goals.
I think fantasy art is particularly susceptible to this because up until now there has never been any use for it other than book illustration, comics, and conceptual design.  So people who are in the publishing business or just fans of science fiction, fantasy and role playing games just can't see past the preconception that I'm somehow struggling to be an illustrator and failing at it.
I'm not.  Books, comics and concept art don't interest me, I don't want to do that.
 (except my coloring books of course)
I'm making art that happens to have a fantasy theme and I'm succeeding at it.  I'm not the first and in a short time I'll just be one in the crowd, but for now it confuses people who are in the publication business. Many of them are my friends and make well intended efforts to save me by guiding down the path of their own vision.
Twenty years ago I needed that kind of guidance because I didn't have a vision of my own, but now I do and I'm pursuing it even though I have no idea where the road will take me.  All I know is it's my road  and I hope you'll come along for the journey.

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