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Friday, July 1, 2016

Not Conan the Barbarian

 The world of Paracosm is teeming with life of every kind; insects, mammals amphibians and birds, but it could be said that reptiles rule the earth here, crocodiles in particular.
There are dozens of radically different species.  Some small as a cat and highly intelligent, they make good pets and loyal guard dogs. Others are huge, man eating dragons.  Some have developed fin-like legs and never leave the water while others appear to have broken free of the water completely and hunt high up among arid forests walking on two legs like a huge nightmare bird.

Some of our models are reasonably muscular, but none of them are the classic image of a character like Conan the Barbarian.  But I'm not illustrating books I'm drawing much more average people in their daily lives in a very hazardous world.  So this isn't Conan the Barbarian this is Ned. 
 Ned the Mostly Average Barbarian.

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