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Monday, July 25, 2016

Negative Space

When an artist is attracted to a figure, a landscape feature or any object to draw there are two things to work out.
One is how the figure will look, the other is how all of the empty space on the canvas will look.  If you draw a tall skinny tree or a human figure they won't take up the whole paper unless you select a tall skinny paper for that purpose.  But most of the time you'll find yourself with composition problems.
A seated figure from the side can be very problematic.  The "L" shape of her body creates a big empty space above her that will be very awkward if you don't do something with it.
The good news is that solutions abound.  There could be another person standing back there, or an animal or goblin as I often do.
There could be architectural features, trees, curtains, Lettering or just an abstract design.  It's a ll up to you and the kind of art you are making.
Solving this problem has forced me to invent stuff and because of that led to some of the most interesting images I've ever done.
The model was not actually holding a laser pistol at that particular moment, (though she's prone to do so) but the posture of her hand suggested it.
I was disappointed that from my angle so much of her lovely figure was concealed, but you have to make what you can out of what you have.

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