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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Leaping Lizards!

After the convention I decided to do the entire image over in oil paints.   The goal was to try to get away from the extreme blue/yellow contrast and reach for a little more realism.
Oil paint can be very opaque, almost like smearing out slabs of clay.  It would be quite a waste to mix up a batch of muddy gray like these stones are made of, but I didn't have to.   I had a bunch of half dried up paint on the palette that needed to be used up so I scooped it all together in one big pile and only mixed it a little.  So as I smear the paint around with a palette knife I get an irregular color like real stone.

I also knocked out that wall on the left making it a more modern, open-concept dungeon floor-plan.
So what do you think, are the stones more stone-like?  They've got a lot of texture at this point and took a few days to dry.

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