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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Leaping Lizards of the Dungeons of Doom!

And here at last is the final painting of Ned the Barbarian fighting a dragon.
 Oil and acrylics on board, 2' X 3' Framed.
Like most of my art this is painted on a recycled wood panel cut to the size of a recycled frame.
Unlike most of my art I still own this one.  It's hanging on the wall of my living room, but it's still for sale.  $500.00 plus shipping. (Now Sold)

A few weeks ago at Comic Con several prominent artists called me Frank Frazetta.
You could not compliment me more no matter how hard you tried.
I used to go from worrying that my paintings were too derivative or not enough.  Now I just paint.

P.S. I just found out that "Dungeons of Doom" is an online computer game thing.  Just so ya know this painting has nothing to do with that, it just sounded like a fun goofy title.

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