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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Captain Jess, Space Commander

A joke we often make in drawing class is that Circles make all art better.  There's no small amount of truth to it. 
One quick and simple solution to the aforementioned problem (yesterday's post) is to put a large geometric shape in the background.  Circles work nicely.  Once there the shape might suggest something else to you such as a door or window, a sign, a picture frame a mirror or a decorative mandala like the works of Alphonse Mucha.  
Sometimes you don't even need to explain it.  Sign painters especially window painters like myself would often drop a shape behind a foreground element just to pull it together and provide a color to contrast against.
So essentially I've taken everything that was a disadvantage about this composition and turned it into an advantage.  The background circle tucks in visually with the shape of the chair.  The ray gun that I drew initially recommended the science fiction setting.
I gave her clothes on her lower body which I couldn't see enough of anyways and left her breasts exposed because why on earth would you cover those?  Plus you may notice the upper body is angled just enough to show both breasts.  I just don't like a complete profile in a drawing, there's something artificial looking about it.

She was one of my all time favorite models but alas she moved away.  You always have the impression that her feet aren't touching the ground, floating and ephemeral. 

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