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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Whoops That's All Wrong!

There's two things that are terribly wrong with this drawing.  One is the pose which is rigid and symmetrical.  Both legs in the same position, both arms in the same position.  Arms, legs and head all pointed stiffly forward like a statue.   Like a little Kothian temple statue or something.  Maybe I should have made her look like she was carved in stone that'd be pretty cool.   I almost wish I'd done that now that I'm thinking it, maybe some other time.

Life drawing poses can be sensuous or rigid depending on the model or the the mood or the weather or whoever is directing the pose.  This girl was new and I think she was nervous so she stayed rigid which kind of ruined a bunch of otherwise lovely poses.  If only she would have relaxed a bit it would have been so much nicer.

  The other thing wrong with this is that her head is way too big which of course was my fault.  So I was going to just throw this one away like thousands of others I've thrown away, but decided to re-draw the head and just see what happens.

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