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Friday, June 3, 2016

"Undresser" Recycling and Being the Best in the World

This is the top piece of an old dresser that someone threw away.  The dresser itself was broken and not worth saving but there was a wealth of usable art supplies on it if you know how to look.
 There is a nice beveled edge around the outside of the board, but the inside of the "frame" was all paint.  The figure fills and even extends beyond the artificial frame.  In sign painting we call this a "super graphic" because it goes beyond the confines of its own graphic format.  I used this concept often when a client had a three foot tall window and asked for lettering that was four feet tall.  It can't actually be done, but the illusion of it can be achieved with this type of layout.
Abstract shapes in a bright blue contrast nicely with the color of her skin.
"Undresser" about 40 inches by 18 inches Oil Paint on a recycled wooden panel.

Interesting side note: this painting was far more popular with women than with men or at any rate the women spoke out loud about it.  It was a woman who bought  the painting.  The most common remark was "Gawd I wish my ass looked like that!"

It's been said in a variety of ways that if you want to succeed at a thing you must do one or more of these three things.

1. Do something no one else is doing.

2. Do what others are doing, but do it in a unique way.

3. Do what everyone else is doing, but do it better than everyone else.

I didn't really know that at the time, but I think this kind of art fits the bill.  These works were strangely popular and all of them sold quickly.
 I started doing things like this because I was broke and out of work.  This was the material that I had on hand so I used it.  But more importantly I was making no effort to be a sign painter or an illustrator or a gallery artist so even though I'm heavily influenced by all three I ignored the conventions and restrictions of all three and did my own thing.

1.  No one else that I know of is painting on recycled panels like this.  There's almost certainly someone doing it, but they're probably painting flowers on it and attaching coat hooks to it or some such, which I also think would be very cool, but it still leaves me in a class by myself.

2.  Lots of people do fantasy art and many are much better than me, but they are either doing it as an illustration or as a portfolio piece to try to get illustration work.  My work doesn't pretend to function as illustration it's a wall hanging which makes it unique as fantasy art goes.

3.  Here's the real trick, you don't have to be better than everyone else in the world, you only have to be better than everyone in Your World and that may be a much smaller pond than you think it is. 
You can be the best there is in the world at your thing if there isn't anyone else doing quite what you're doing.

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