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Friday, June 10, 2016

Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Turns out that changing the angle of the head changes quite a lot.

 Crossing one arm and laying her head forward not only lends the image a wealth of feeling and mood, but also motion.  Even though she is at rest your eye now chases around her in a circular fashion.  I like this picture a hundred times better now.

I've had people lecture me on global warming while simultaneously reaching past a recycle barrel to throw their aluminum can in the regular garbage barrel.  When I pointed this out to them they told me "I couldn't see the big picture."  He was waiting for god or congress to make one big sweeping change that would fix everything, (including pulling his can out of the trash and throwing it in the right barrel for him) but that will never happen.   Big changes happen when enough little people make enough little changes.  We're all painting this big picture one brush stroke at a time.
Racism didn't go away because of one big mandate it faded away slowly as millions of people gradually changed the way they thought and behaved.
I can wish there was no racism or sexism or crime or pollution to begin with.  Or, since it's here, I can wish I could solve it all with one big wave of my magic wand.  We'd all like a magic solution that fixes everything at once, but that speaks more to our laziness than to our conscientiousness.  We all know that it's going to come down to us finally doing all the little things that we've known we needed to do for decades and we just haven't done it yet.

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