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Monday, June 6, 2016

Phoenix Comic Con

I spent the past four days at Phoenix Comic Con selling Gilead's Goblinz Coloring Books, fantasy art prints and bookmarks.
It was as always a; wonderful, fun, confusing, loud, bewildering, erotic, silly, terrifying, exhausting, sensory overload.  I look forward to it every year, but certainly couldn't handle doing all of the time like some people do.
Now I'm sitting quietly at home in my rocking chair with a cat in my lap.  I probably could do that all of the time, but I won't,  I'll get back to the easel shortly.

This was early in the morning before the crowd showed up.  By the time the doors opened to the exhibit hall there were fifty people for every person you see here.

This is my table just after set-up before the hall opened.  Soon to be on either side of me are famous comic book artist and writer Phil Hester and writer John Layman.  I confess I know very little about comics, but these were two incredibly popular and super nice dudes.  In fact the whole row I was on were all very established comics legends.  It was a nice neighborhood.

Booth Babes!
That's my wife Stellar on the right and our friend Sue in the red shirt.
There's no overstating the value of having people to help you when you work a convention!

While I was there I did some work on a couple of paintings and had a couple finished ones for sale on the back wall.  The paintings didn't sell this year, but they sure drew attention to my work so I'm glad I brought them.  All of those paintings will feature in future blogposts.

I received some startling compliments from some seriously talented professionals this weekend.  It's encouraging and humbling at the same time, but strengthens my resolve to keep doing what I'm doing.  I needed that in a big way so thank you everyone.

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