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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Male Models

 It's an unfair cultural thing but female models can usually get away with just sitting there looking pretty while male models are expected to work a lot harder to earn their pay.
  The up side of this is you tend to get far more challenging and dynamic poses from male models.
  Also guys tend to like props more than women do so they're more likely to pose with swords or tools or whatever.
  I like drawing cute naked girls, but I also like drawing action poses which are almost always guys.     This creates what appears to be a sexual bias on my part.  It's assumed that I think of men as heroes and women as pretty props.  This could not be less true, I love drawing heroic images of women, but most of the drawings I'm sharing here come from life drawing class where it's the guys doing all the heroic looking things and the girls all just sit there.
  I don't currently have the budget to hire models on my own so have to work with what I have and this is what I have.

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