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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kothic Girl, finished (for now)

"The Kothic Peoples or Kothians are a dark skinned race hailing from Koth, a land on the far side of the Western Sea if you believe that sort of thing.  
The wise ones tell us that if you could sail west long enough you eventually come all the way back around to the east which doesn't make any sense either, but it is what they say, based on the theory that the earth is round and some mysterious force binds us to it.   If that were so then perhaps Koth is located far to the east, and it's just faster to sail east than to travel west over land?  West brings you east and east brings you west?   It's enough to make on'e head spin!   It all sounds like nonsense, would you not be sailing upside-down at some point?  That would be a tale to tell!   I simply must explore this for myself someday."
                                                    From the notebooks of the explorer Kalvan the Unwise (deceased)

Well Kalvan I don't know where she came from, but I wish she'd come back, she was gorgeous.
I'm certain to make a painting of this one some day, I like it very much, which is nice considering I didn't like it at all when I started.

Final drawing notes: Notice how the curve of the cat's body matches the curve of the girl's arms.  This adds greatly to the sense of movement in an otherwise static pose.  Also having his paws come forward relieves the eye from the relentless straight horizontal line formed by the the flats of her feet and her butt cheek.

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