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Monday, June 13, 2016

It Must be Fantasy Art it has a Cat in it

There's still a couple anatomy problems here that I need to fix.
If you draw be aware of the effects that one little change has on other things.  Leaning the head forwards will pop the spine backwards a little.  It's a small detail, but if you don't do it it will look all wrong.
Sometimes I can get the model to pose for a moment with the change I was trying to do or let me take a photo.  In this case I mostly had to make it up, but was able to find a photo or two on the web that came close to what I wanted.

You can't often copy.  I'm not saying you shouldn't I'm saying it's often not possible to copy and have it work.  You'll probably never find a photo with the head at exactly the right tilt or the hand in exactly the right posture, or the same camera angle you had so don't even waste your time trying.  Just draw what you want to draw the way you want it to look, but draw lightly and then use references to guide you into a more accurate version of that drawing.  In this case I found a picture of a girl with her head tilted, not quite in the angle I have here, but close enough to fake the difference, plus I got the hair from a couple other photos.

Photoshop can't help you draw on a piece of paper or a canvas, but it can help you scribble ideas all over an existing drawing without messing it up.  Actually I think I used MS Paint on this one which is adequate for this sort of thing and faster.
For her arm to be in that position her upper body is going to have to rotate towards us a little which is good because the full profile is a little dull.  I didn't tell her that because she was a foot taller than me and had a trained leopard.

The cat never held still enough for me to draw him.

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