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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fantasy Costumes

Costumes, or as they were known in ancient times, "clothes" add a tremendous depth of character to your art.  I love drawing nudes and often hesitate to ruin a drawing with clothing which makes perfect sense, but elements of costumes, jewelry, weapons and armor tell a huge amount of the story.  If the character wears boots there must be something about the environment that isn't easy on the feet.  Like little crocogators nipping at your ankles all the time.
The inclusion of musical instruments suggests a culture with some leisure time and artistic expression.  The inclusion of finely crafted metal works could reveal a high degree of technical sophistication or (as is the case here) trade, loot and salvage.

The people in the world of Paracosm, (at least insofar as I've been able to explore it), are actually at a bronze age level of technology.   But you wouldn't know it to look at them because the land is riddled with the ruins of ancient civilizations far more advanced than this one.  Artifacts lie buried beneath the sands of desert tombs or hidden palaces cloaked in hundreds of years of overgrowth. In Joskarra farmers plow fields between ancient colonnades and sleep in the ruined palaces of forgotten emperors. Little more than cave men barbarically resplendent in the trappings of another era.

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