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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ancient Cities and Well Dressed Crocodiles

Having found a nice alternative action for the arm that doesn't demand that we alter the rest of the pose I can start filling in the background.
The fact that she was riding something and waving to someone in the distance is what suggested the rest of the setting.
Clearly she must be outdoors and a good distance away from whoever she's waving too, so that's what I drew.

A few more details in the animal's harness and it all looks great.  Some additional foliage in the foreground gives the whole thing a greater sense of depth.
Will this be a painting someday?  Possibly, or possibly just a portion of a larger painting with more such characters.  Who knows?   These charcoal sketches are nice, but I usually don't consider them to be a finished work of art.  They're more of a concept sketch.

You can see me working on some of these and some oil painting live at
 Phoenix Comic Con this weekend:
 table AA1614

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