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Monday, June 27, 2016

Adding some Imagination to the mixture

There's some artists out there who paint exquisite depictions of "life drawing models posing for life drawing class."
Most Boringest Art Ever!
I can't imagine why anyone would pay money for that and hang it on their wall.
On the other hand some of these guys are very famous and make a lot more money than I do so feel free to sneer at my sneering.
At any rate I don't want to draw like that, I want my art to look like real people doing real things at a real moment in their life, so if the pose in class is stiff and dull I'm going to change it a lot.

For instance if I take this one to the painting stage it's quite possible that I'll change the angle of her head so she seems a bit more engaged.
I'm imagining her talking to someone, but who?  An ambassador , a servant, a soldier reporting on the war, a suitor or a prisoner?  In any case I think it would look better if her face was turned slightly towards us so that whoever she is addressing is seen from behind and is closer to us the viewer. Generally we're going to respond better to a composition that leads us into the painting rather than one that moves side to side.  So looking past an unimportant character and into the eyes of the girl on the throne makes for a more engaging composition.
Of course in life drawing class this is just how the model was sitting and that's where my chair was and I really had no choice.
In drawing class the model is going to space off quite a lot and look very distant, but you don't really want that feeling in your fantasy art so you have to compensate for it.  Whether you use models or photographs it's never the whole thing.  Your imagination and creativity has to play a role as well.

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