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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Goblin Queen's Alabaster Flesh

Throwing some flesh tones on the queen and I also changed her upholstery to red.  There's too much green in this picture.  But it's not an intense red, I don't want to distract attention away from her majesty's face, she might resent that, and she's not the type of person you want on your bad side.

More of the queen in the flesh plus I resolved my lavender problem by arbitrarily tossing some lavender color on the floor back there. It doesn't have to make sense it has to create balance.
This solution probably comes from the sign painter side of my brain.

At this small size it may appear that every sliver of the underpainting is getting covered over and you might wonder what the point of it was.  But in reality there's a lot of the acrylic under painting showing through the final work.  The board is a little rough and it's nice to have some color down in all the little cracks so that there are no white spots to have to cover up later.

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