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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Chaperon Part 2

The realms beyond the door are as treacherous as they are wondrous.  But as dangerous as the land may be, the young ladies there who ask me to draw them can be even more so.  Guarded as they often are by pet leopards or dragons,  such chaperons are the least of my worries.  It's the sudden homecoming of jealous husbands or protective fathers that I have to watch out for.
  Usually I only have time for a rough charcoal drawing and maybe a snapshot or two and then it's time for me to slip away back through the basement door sometimes with my skin barely intact.
I do feel like this one would make a nice little painting someday if I get around to it.

There are better artists in the world who's blogs you could be following and I'd certainly encourage you to do so.  This blog isn't about my being the best or having the best techniques, it's about sharing what little I do have and hoping you take away something of value from it.

Oh and it's also about selling my coloring books, please support your local artist by purchasing the occasional coloring book.

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