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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Prisoner

So getting back to the painting.
 While I posted images of the goblin minions on Facebook someone else suggested that she should be interrogating a prisoner, which also sounded like a good plan.
So I shuffled through my stack of old drawings to find one that was the right position and on the right scale to work.
 If the scale hadn't worked I would of course just re-draw it the size I wanted, but as it happens this one was perfect.

I really don't know what the model intended when she took this pose, but she looked handcuffed to me so I drew the chains on the spot.
 Our models think I'm a little weird, but they always run over after the session, to see if I did something crazy to their drawing.

Now I use my high tech photo imaging software to tape the sketches up in my window and arrange them where they need to be.  The light makes them all transparent so I can see exactly where this character will overlap another and how they will look together.


On a totally random side note.
 You see all those red and black marks on my blue painter's tape?  That's from masking off store windows that I used to paint signs on.  If you were careful you could re-use the tape a couple times which saved me a pile of money.

Actually this may prove more germane to our story than I thought because I painted signs like these every day for twenty years and it has certainly influenced my style as a fantasy artist.

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