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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sign Painting

I often mention that my artistic style owes more to my background as a sign painter than to any other influence. Most people just give me a quizzical look when I say this sort of thing and probably figure I'm just some kind of crazy artist or something.

Hopefully this graphic will illustrate the point. Understand I didn't intentionally format the painting like a sign, I just realized that I'd done it after the fact.
When I was a sign painter I would crowd my letters into the space as big as I could and I'd place colored panels or circles behind them just to give them contrast or to separate one element from another and now I do the same kind of thing in my fantasy art instinctually.

Some people might consider this a failing, but I'm calling it a strength. Sign painting is something I did every day for over twenty years. I'm good at it and I'm confident with it, the design aesthetics are natural and instinctual. So while I don't intentionally try to make fantasy art like a sign, I don't fight it either. The art would come out more contrived had I resisted the inclination than to have rolled with it.

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